advanced operating system course resources


Some collected resources for advanced operating system courses. Work in progress. Last updated 9/27.

collected advanced coures

Georgia College of Tech Computing CS6210

  • CS 6210: Advanced Operating Systems
    • Operating system structuring
    • Synchronization, communication and scheduling in parallel systems
    • Distributed systems, their communication mechanisms, distributed objects and middleware
    • Failures and recovery management
    • System support for Internet-scale computing
    • lecture videos

University of New South Wales CS9242

  • course resource for each year since 1998
  • many resources for Microkernel L4(design&impl., formal verification, research)
  • topic and related papers
    • Cache, VirtualMachine, performance analysis, multicore and locks, security, real time system, etc.

Florida State University COP5611

  • link
  • by Andy Wang
  • focus on file systems and distributed system

CMU 15712

  • link
  • by Philip Gibbons
  • all about classic papers

Berkeley CS194

  • link
  • by John Kubiatowicz


  • link
  • By Heng Yin
  • link
  • By Nael B. Abu-Ghazale


MIT 6.828

Harvard CS261

  • link
  • research topics on operating systems


  • link
  • how to read/write papers


  • link
  • no open lecture notes

basic OS courses


  • link
  • link
  • by Avi Silberschatz, author of 《operating system concepts》

3-easy pieces

  • link
  • free and online
  • recommended by several people

Tsinghua os course